My name is Walt Conroy. I run a website at http://www.conroyscruisers.com

I am a retired police officer from the Dayton, OH area.  I was hired in March of 1980, retired with a normal service retirement on July 28, 2006.

I started collecting diecast police cars in 1994, then after collecting many duplicate cars, I began selling them on the internet.

Please take a few minutes and either leave a comment or suggestion and visit my website.

You can reach me at :   walt@conroyscruisers.com


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  1. Arnold E.Packer on

    As an older collector, I must say that in all the years of dealing and buying diecast products no one has ever provided the items I was looking for until I came across Walt Conroy’s web site. All transaction have been carried out in a very professional manner and all items bought have been as advertised and all problems if any have been neutralizes instantly. His shipping and packaging are bove expectation. I have also dveloped a sincere friendship with him. I am proud to say he is by far a just and upstanding individual.
    Hopefully, I will be able to continue dealing with him in the future years to come.

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