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  1. Arnol E. Packer on

    As an older collector, I can appreciate the fine service and purchases I have made from Walt Conroy. He is a fine and upright gentleman and I am proud to say my association with him has been a fantastic experience. Never a problem that has not been rectified and because of his manner, I think I have developed a true friendship.Something that is really hard to acquire these days. His products are great and the shipping and packaging is superb. AEP

  2. Chris Powell on

    As I sit at my computer and look at the several hundred diecast police cars I have collected over the years I have Walt to thank (or curse!:)) for being the provider of a good portion of these. He has always sold the cars at the best prices in the internet world. I have about exhausted the space for more cars but I still look on his site most every day!
    Thanks Walt.

  3. Brian OConnor on

    When I began collecting cars years ago, it started with a couple Code 3 cruisers, then I found Walt’s site and today my collection barely fits into a spare bedroom. I now make my own cruisers as well, and Walt is a great supplier to the collection.

  4. Jim on

    Walt is a class act.

  5. Christophe Maingard on


    You’re the top seller of police car replicas !
    But over all you are truly a conscientious, righteous and honest man and that means a lot for me !
    You have a friend over the big pond !

  6. Chad Bayne on

    Walt is someone who cares most about the customer and not about how much he’s making from the transaction. Walt helped me get a die cast model of my department, which are extremely hard to find, for my benefit, not his. I continually check into the website for the newest deals and looking to make plenty of purchases in the future to add to my collection throughout my career in law enforcement. Thanks for the friendship, Walt!

  7. Kyle Landgrebe on

    Walt has been my main source of diecast since I started collecting the Road Champs police series back in the 90’s. He has always had the best prices, and the best service. He really cares about his customers and I have always been pleased with my transactions. I now have over 10,000 cars in my collection and most of them are displayed in my second story spare bedroom, or as my wife calls it “The Police Museum”. It has taken some time to collect this many, and I could not have done it without Walt. Thanks for the great deals, the great cars, and you friendship over the years. Can’t wait for my next purchase! Thanks Walt!

  8. Jean-Luc Haaser on

    What could I say, that has not already been done. I appreciate Walt for his fairness, honesty and also for his prices ;O))
    Thank you from the old continent

  9. Jason Overfield on

    I’ve been purchasing from Walt since the mid 90s and have NEVER had a problem. How many places can say that? Great job Walt!! Hope retirement is treating you right. Thanks for keeping us updated and connected.

  10. Harold Hill on

    My first police cars were the chevy caprice road champs from the early ’90’s. Now thanks to Walt and others (mainly Walt) the middle back room of the house gets a LOT of attention when people come over. Some sellers might be in it for the buck but Walt has on numerous occasions (too many to count) gone above and beyond and out of his way to make sure everyone comes away 120% satisfied. I like knowing that when I access his website or call on the phone I’ll get service and the friend that you just can’t hardly find any where else. Walt , you’re a true gem , keep on shining. Thank you for making this hobby so enjoyable.

  11. Paul Rosenthal on

    Walt is a very fair and great person to deal with.Most places if you order something and pay by check,you have to be lucky to get the item.
    Walt holds the cars for you and you know you will be getting the item.
    My collection is almost 75-80% Walt Conroy.
    I check his site every day and keep on file every newsletter.
    I used to buy from other places my dicast police cars, but now Walt is pretty much the only guy I go to.
    Keep up the good work.

  12. Lee Roselli on

    Walt is stand up guy, old school cop who is great to talk about old days of police work. Operates a excellent store and I recommend him to every deputy in my office who collects, Thanks Walt.

  13. Joel on

    This website is the easiest and best website i have ever worked with or ever seen. Mr.Conroy you have done an excellent job and i thank you for your service as a police officer keeping law and order.
    Thank you

  14. Brent on

    When I first came across Walt’s site my mouth watered at all the cars he had especialy the prices. There is something for everyone and plenty of Road Champs which got me started in collecting police cars in the first place. Now with Walt’s help I can enlarge my police car collection further. Once again thanks from a New Zealand police cars collector.

  15. Brent on

    Walt is a true gentelman, nothing is too hard for him to do. His service is excellent. Everything I have ordered form Walt has arrived safe and sound within a week from the US to New Zealand. I really can’t express the thanks for all the work that he does when sending models to you. Perhaps some day when time allows I will visit Walt and get to meet the man I have come to know via the internet.

  16. Scott Hobert on

    Wow!! they definitely broke the mold when they made this man.. There are alot of sellers out there who won’t take a money orders or peronal check anymore. He will work with you as far as payments go each and every time and make each transaction as smooth as possible. Like a said he is a very outstanding guy. Walt has always been excellent with his packaging and shipping too!. He boxes your items very professional and I will guarantee you when your box arrives it will in a very timely manner with each and every model tightly wrapped and secure. Each and every box I have received and trust me there have been many not once has there been a broken piece on any model. I must check the items in his store once if not twice a day. Thanks again Walt for the many years of excellent service from your store and thank you for your commitment, bravery and service to our country as as a police officer and fire fighter and thank you to all who served our country God Bless to all!
    Semper Fi!

  17. Mel Orange on

    Just recently put onto Walts site by another satisfied collector. Wish I’d heard of him it sooner. I have since made several purchases. All my enquiries have been promptly and courteously dealt with. Even though way “down under” in New Zealand packages arrive promply and very well packed. As many of Walts customers are serving or ex police like Walt I feel he is more than just a dealer.
    Thanks mate, I will no doubt be placing another order soon.

  18. Everyone loves what you guys are usually up too. This sort of clever work
    and exposure! Keep up the great works guys I’ve included you guys to blogroll.

  19. james rhodes on

    I am looking at your great site and found what I need……(2) of the FCV black ( #zz-rc-greens ) , these have been out of stock since 1988 and was hoping a few might still be lying round somewhere , and have sent an email for such to Walt. Would really like to get a couple of these cars if at all possible. Thanks, James

    • Walt Conroy on

      James, the Greensboro cars have been sold out for years, and a limited number were produced. Your best bet is to contact Greensboro PD and see if anyone there may have one for sale. Sorry, that’s the best we can do.

  20. Steven Gillespie on

    I retired from the Baltimore County Police at the end of March of this year after 28 years of service. I really do enjoy collecting die cast police cars. Hey Walt, you wouldn’t happen to know how I can get my hands on an Akron Ohio Police diecast? Akron was my Dad’s hometown and I have not been able to find any. Thank you for your consideration, Steve Gillespie.

  21. Shawn Tyrrell on

    Have ordered strictly from Conroys, and never been disappointed or had trouble. Brian packs it so my order wont be damaged. Also very quick on shipping. I strictly order from here, especially since, he usually has hard to find ones. Keep rocking.

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